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Would You Like to Grow Your
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Get More Customers/Clients/Patients!
Double Your Income!
Double Your Profits!
But Work Less..! 

Dear Business Owner,

Would you like more sales, more customers/clients/patients and have your phone ringing with new enquiries and appointments daily?

Then this could be the best page you’ll see all year!

Hi ! - My name is Nicky and I specialize in helping Dental Practices, Restaurants, Beauty Salons and other local businesses exactly like yours to get more enquiries, bookings, clients and consultations so that you can increase your revenue and profits and become the most sought after business in your niche in your area.

I also show you how to increase your sales from your existing customer base without doing anything exra - so you can get paid more for doing the same work.

Which means that you are free to focus on what you love doing the most – running your business exactly how you want to, so that you can become the best in your area, and have more free time to spend doing what you want to do!

So stay with me a moment....and I WILL deliver!

The ‘Problem’

Okay so let’s look briefly at something that I’ve noticed.

The one thing that is becoming increasingly common when speaking with small or medium sized business owners is that they love what they do. But when the same business owners are asked to show their marketing “system” there is usually the eerie silence that you get in the horror movies… know when the wind whistles down the corridors and nothing is said…..!

So, if I was to ask you - 'What are your sales or your appointments going to look like for the next 6 months?'

Would you know?

Well if you do that’s great, but 9 times out of 10 the answer would more likely be “Hmm well it’s hard to say at the moment……”

And this is a perfectly natural response and a very common one - but unless you have a system for your marketing, then your sales and therefore your entire business is based on uncertainty.

In order to track, forecast and grow your business, you need to have “predictable results” from your marketing efforts.  Because unless you know how many new sales or new clients will be coming in and how many existing customers or clients you will be attending to on any given month then it is impossible to grow and scale your business to give predictable results. 

And of course it makes staffing issues difficult too.

So what’s the answer?

Well the answer is to have a simple marketing system in place tailored exactly for YOUR business.  This will allow you to see predictable results each month so that you can grow your business in relation to your infrastructure, your staff and your business capacity and therefore maintaining the quality of service and the ‘experience’ that you offer at all times.

Okay….I know what you’re probably thinking. “But isn’t having a professional marketing system in place expensive?”  

Read on.....  ;)

And let’s keep this simple - because it IS simple when you know how.

There are literally hundreds of different marketing strategies out there that could work for your business right now, but to keep it simple there are really just 3 ways to grow any business and you will be familiar with all of them I’m sure.

So let’s look at these 3:

1) Sell your products or services to more customers/clients or patients.

2) Sell your products or services at a higher price. This is probably the easiest way to increase your profits – without going into the full explanation, a 10% increase on a 35% margin will increase your profits by approximately 37%, without doing any extra work.  

3) Sell to your existing clients/customers or patients more often! Now this could be as diverse as increasing your opening hours, having an automated marketing system to bring in new telephone enquiries and bookings or as simple as sending out more newsletters or tweaking your sales messages and making special offers and discounts.  You can also aim to increase the “average spend” of your clients by simple add on offers or seasonal offers.

So the way to grow your business is simple if you do one or all of those three methods above, and it’s perfectly possible to increase your profits by a massive 100% by a combination of all three.  

And this is exactly what we specialise in.

Helping you to see how you can make more revenue from your existing patient or customer/client list AND showing you how to bring in a steady stream of NEW patient enquiries or new clients/customers.

Contact us using the link at the bottom of this page for a FREE 45 minute consultation and we will show you exactly how you can meet your goals for your business this year - we'll map it all out for you on the call.

But let me give you just some idea of what you could be missing out on.

Click the link below for 11 areas of your business that are literally leaking holes of opportunity that you can resolve right now:

Leaking Holes of Opportunity:

Now as a business owner you are almost certainly sitting on untapped profits or ‘leaking holes’ in your business that are costing you time, money and energy – and we are here to uncover and plug any holes for you.

That’s what we do….and frankly we’re pretty good at it ☺

Just one simple idea could literally double or even treble your business – exactly like it did for a beauty salon who implemented just one simple idea from our ‘little box of tricks’ that enabled them to treble the size of their business and open two new salons!!

And how a Dentist was able to bring in 11 new enquiries in just 3 days using just one simple Facebook ad and a special funnel we created.   Oh....and we are running this as a special offer right click the link at the end of this page and I will happily even show you this exact funnel AND I'll set it all up for you for free, so that you can see how it works - all you need to do is cover the ad cost and then get ready for the new patient enquiries to come in.

Let me give you an idea of just a small list of some of the things you may or may not be aware of that are quite literally hidden profits or leaking holes of opportunity for you that you can work on or we can help you with:

• When people visit your website and leave without taking any action - We help you craft an offer that gets people to happily leave their details to schedule a call. 

• When local or non-local people are searching for exactly what YOU have to offer on Google and they don’t find you right on the first page - With our world class SEO team, we work hard to get you right there on the first page of the major search engines for ALL the phrases you want to rank for so that you're attracting your "ideal" patient or client.

• When local or non-local people are searching on Google for exactly what you have to offer and they DO find you but they DON’T choose you…. - Google reviews and in particular Google 5* reviews will definitely appeal to your ideal patient or client and if your competitor has them and you don't....then guess who they will choose?!

• When you’re not using Social Media, pictures or video in the right way to expand your local reach - People "engage" to a much higher degree with video and pictures, so using this on your website, your Facebook page and other social media is extremely compelling to the "millenium" prospect.

• When you are not building enough rapport with your prospective or existing clients - We help you with what to say and how to say it!

• When you know you should be sending out some follow up information to existing clients to entice them back but don’t get round to it….Enough said.....the fortune is in the follow up!

• When you’re spending out on advertising that isn’t profitable for you but you’re not sure how to track it to see if it’s working

• When you’re sending out literature, newsletters or emails that is not getting the reaction that you want

• When too many people who do contact you, do not end up as clients - Anyone who picks up a telephone in your business is a sales agent....yet they may not realise it.  We can even help you with what your receptionists should be saying to your prospective patients / clients.

• When people are not sure why they should choose YOU over your biggest rival in your area - what makes you unique?  What do you stand for? - We can help you identify your USP and your brand.

• When you seem to be attracting the wrong sort of clients that you are not so happy to be serving - We help you identify and then attract the exact type of Patient or client who you LOVE to work with and we do this as a simple exercise.

So how can we help YOU?

We offer a simple tailored solution that's right for YOU.  
Whether you just want to do some advertising to get some new patients (we have a GREAT offer running at the moment for this) or whether you would like to rank your website on page 1, or whether you would appreciate some monthly consulting time so that we can work through everything step by step in your own time - then we can accommodate this.

So maybe you’re ready to grow your business or maybe you’re just looking to fill up more treatment rooms, but you just don’t really know where to start or how to do this.

Your first thought when deciding that you want to expand your business is by how much. How much growth can you cope with and are you ready to scale by 50 - 100%? Once you know this, then you will know how many more clients that you can serve.

The next task is to understand exactly what each of your clients is worth to you on 
1) the front end (i.e how much on average do you get immediately from the first visit of a new client and 
2) over the long term. Do you track how long each client stays with you and how much it is worth to you over the length of time they keep coming back to you?

These are very useful statistics, because once you know this…..then we know how much we can spend in order to acquire a new client for you if we decided to do some paid advertising.

But we might not need to do any paid advertising. The beauty salon I referred to earlier just implemented ONE simple idea that resulted in tripling their sales with NO paid marketing.

And we have tons of ideas like this that could work for your business too.

We would simply look at what you do right now to attract patients or clients through your doors and then we would break it down for you – give you some ideas of where you could improve this and give you some ideas on what sort of advertising would work well for you. 

 We would then look at how you could entice existing patients or customers back to your business to spend more money with you.  

Our job is then to provide you with a marketing plan that over the first 3 months of implementation would be a profitable one for you.

So that the “cost” of implementing this marketing solution for you is no longer seen as a cost.
As I said – this is just a very small snapshot of what we can do for you to help you expand your vision and scale your business to exactly where you want to be – whether you have a huge vision to own a chain of your business, or whether you just want to have more patients and clients, to generate more revenue and more profits . We can probably help you.

So What’s Next?

Would you like me to give you a personalized marketing plan based on YOUR business to not only attract your perfect client but to make more revenue from your existing client base?

And would you like me to do that for you for FREE?

Well I’m happy to do that!

I will happily design you a custom marketing plan for your business. 

I’ll help you identify who your perfect ‘ideal clients’ are and show you how to have them calling up to make an enquiry and how you can be converting those enquiry calls into new paying clients.

So why am I doing this?

Well in the interests of complete transparency I offer this service completely for FREE because I’m a Digital Marketing Consultant specializing exclusively in helping local businesses to attract more of their favorite type of clients.

And there’s a good possibility your local area has a large pocket of potential new clients for you who would be very responsive to the marketing plan I’ll be giving you for FREE.

If you find the plan I create for you valuable, then you may want to be a Client.   And instead of me trying to convince you to work with me, I prefer to help you in advance, for free and let the value of that experience do the selling for me!

And after you get your marketing plan, one of these three things will happen. 

 The first possibility is that you think the plan is no good and you think I’ve wasted your time, (and by the way……this has literally NEVER happened as I provide TONS of value because I know what I’m doing and I know what works. )

The second possibility is that you like the Blueprint but you want to go away and build it yourself with my support and if that’s the case then I will be happy to have helped you on your way and we can agree a small monthly consultancy fee (currently at 30% discount!!! Ask me about that!!) where I would coach you step by step twice a month either face to face or on a call and then you would have unlimited access to me on email or skype.

Now the third and most common scenario is that you’re so thrilled with the plan that you want me to build it for you. And here’s how that works.

I will personally manage everything for you – I will work with my incredibly talented team to build out everything that we agree to on the plan and if this is what you want then my fees start from £500 per month, which we would aim to offset with new customers so that your marketing costs are no longer seen as “costs”.

With that being said, please understand that this is NOT a sales pitch in disguise and I promise not to pressure you or pester you in any way at all. 

 In fact if you feel for one minute that I’ve wasted your time on our call, then let me know and I’ll write you a cheque for £50 to compensate you for your time.

But before we go any further you need to know that I can’t help everyone.

Obviously you need to have a legitimate business and are not doing anything outside of compliance with industry regulations – I don’t want to help you to get into trouble! 

 And I can only really help those salon owners who are building a customer email list (OR who are willing to implement this with our help) and have a fully functioning website (OR who are willing to implement this).

You would also need to be ready (i.e with staff and infrastructure) to grow your business, and of course if you are keen to expand, then it would really help if you are enthusiastic and coachable as we will need a little bit of your time to understand fully what you want to achieve. (And I can tell you that I absolutely LOVE working with positive motivated people!!)

So if that sounds like you and your business, then here’s what to do next….

Simply go to the link at the bottom of this page and it will take you to a page where you will see a form with a few questions about your business and what you’re looking to accomplish.

Please answer these questions as honestly as you can and in as much detail as you can. 

Once I have that information I’ll do some market research for you, and if I think I can help you get to where you want to be, then I will put together a plan and then send you a link to my diary so that we can set up a time to go over it together.

So is this right for your business?

Well frankly I can’t answer that until I’ve seen what your business is doing now and until I have an idea of where you want to be in the next 12 months. 

 What I can tell you is that everything we do will not only bring you more incoming calls and new Clients, but will bring you ‘brand’ loyalty and long term sustainability.

There’s absolutely no risk to you and as I’ve said there’s nothing to pay – so you have absolutely nothing to lose!

But don’t delay because I can only work with a small handful of Clients at any one time.

So go ahead and click the link below which will take you to a short questionnaire about your business and then give me 24 – 48 hours to review it and do my research and then you will get an email with a link to my online diary so that you can schedule a time with me so that we can review it together.

I look forward to speaking with you.

How Else Can I Help You?

Do you have a skill or some knowledge that you know others need but you're not sure how to share it? 

Maybe as a Dentist or Beauty salon owner you have some skills that you want to coach on to others.  

Or maybe you are a sports specialist, an enthusiastic gardener or cook, a top salesperson with some amazing sales tips to share, maybe you are an alternative therapist, a photographer, a chiropractor or a nutritionist and you know that if you could just reach out to more people with what you know that you could change a lot more lives for the better. Maybe you yearn to be recognised for your skills in other countries and not just in your local business.

I specialise in 'bringing to life' your idea or your skills into a digital product, e-book (or a "real" book or Kindle book) or a video course that can be sold over and over to eagerly awaiting customers. Maybe your knowledge could even be transferred into a monthly membership site where you can earn a monthly residual income from ongoing clients (which is a pretty awesome idea if you are sole trader and your income relies on YOU! ;) )

So simply drop me an email to or fill out my Application form by Clicking Here ==>

A Little About Me..

I am a wife and busy Mum of 2 children and a chocolate labrador called "Archie" and we live in a little village called Pyrford in the UK (about 25 miles outside of London) but the joy of digital marketing is that I can serve Clients from all around the world as well as locally.  My last two clients have been in the USA and Sweden.

For 25 years I worked in Corporate IT and was pretty happy with it, but only having my two children did I yearn to spend more time at home with them and started to look around for work at home opportunities.  And there really aren't very many of those!!

After 2 years of struggling to build an internet business business I came across the concept of attraction marketing using a simple 'value based' marketing funnel.  I was amazed with the results, literally transforming my business from struggling at just a couple of hundred pounds a month to having my first £5k WEEK and then my first £10k month with the affiliate business I was with at the time.

I applied the same strategy of lead generation to helping local businesses to attract more of their perfect clients and found it worked for them too.  Realising that so many business owners loved what they did but did not understand how to build and scale their business, I decided to study from the 'Master" Marketers so that I could offer the best possible services to my Clients. 

So if you are ready for expansion and would like more prospects and paying Clients, then simply get in touch for a completely NO obligation chat, or click one of the special offer packages below, and let's see what we can do.

Thanks so much for visiting,
Nicky Price
"Clarity Without Overwhelm"

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