Finally end the misery of cold calling, home parties , handing out fliers and bugging friends and family once and for all....!
Discover How To Implement the "3 Step Simple Sign Up" Formula To Build YOUR Business Online Like a Pro Without Overwhelm, Confusion or Complicated Tech Stuff !
Here's A Snapshot of What's in "3 Step Simple Sign-Ups"

Week One

Intro and how to magnetically attract new prospects to you through a 'Lead Magnet' plus an easy "done for you" way to create one

Week Two

Creating the Perfect Capture page using headlines and text that makes your prospect WANT to sign up immediately for what you're offering

Week Three

How to craft the perfect 'Thank you' page and exact scripts for your 'Bridge Video' to get people wanting to watch your Company presentation

Week Four

Bonus Traffic and Email Follow Up training to convert your leads into sales and sign ups!
Delivered in Step by Step Videos With PDF Downloads
  • MODULE #1
  • Why having a marketing funnel is not just beneficial for your business – it’s ESSENTIAL.
  • Why Marketing to “everyone” is literally killing your prospecting efforts
  • How to bring cashflow into your business (this is truly GOLD dust – when you understand this, you will be able to build profit into all aspects of your online business and never have to worry about leads again).
  • How to position yourself as someone of real value to your prospect so that they will be ready to join you
  • Explanation and creation of your own personal ‘Lead magnet’ and how to get one that everyone wants, ethically without having to create it yourself!
  • MODULE #2
  • Why it's essential that you have a Capture Page/Squeeze Page
  • The essential components of  a highly converting capture page with fill in the blank templates and samples to model
  • Step by step walk through of exactly how to create your own personal capture page using 3 different tools so you don't have to figure it out yourself
  • A super simple way to get the whole thing done for you so you can be ready in 24 hours!
  • MODULE #3
  • Why Your ‘Thank You” page is the most important part of your funnel
  • The purpose of the “Bridge” page
  • Exact scripts to use for a perfect ‘Bridge’ video with examples
  • Step by step tutorial on how to create your Bridge video even if you’ve never used video before
  • Additional "newbie" section added on tips for great video creation

Special Bonuses
  • BONUS #1
  • Now that you have a perfect recruiting funnel, I don't just leave you there.....Bonus #1 is all about the follow up.  How to craft email messages that gets your prospect seeking you out to work with you
  • The WIIFM formula - what it is and why you MUST apply to each email you write
  • Why 'specifics' and headlines are SO important
  • The one ESSENTIAL part of your email that so many people miss
  • A real value of $197
  • BONUS #2
  • My simplest and best performing FREE Marketing strategy in step by step detail showing you exactly how to connect with people on Facebook so that they ask YOU if they can take a look at your new funnel.   This bonus alone is worth $97
  • BONUS #3
  • How a simple paid ad on Facebook can speed up your results dramatically.  Tips and strategies for effective Facebook PPC - This module alone is worth $197
  • BONUS #4
  • Watch as I take you through a 90 day plan of action to get people coming into your marketing funnel every single day resulting in new sign ups and sales whilst you sleep. This is a MUST watch video as I explain how to expand and build more cashflow into your business so that you can scale your business effectively like  professional.  A real value of $150
  • BONUS #5
  • How to hold the perfect webinar to convert your leads into excited buyers - This information cost me over $1,000 to learn but you get it for FREE with "3 Steps Simple Sign-Ups"  A $97 value.
  • BONUS #6
  • Access to my Private Facebook Coaching group where you can ask questions about your business in a friendly group environment - no question is too silly here!

Sanna - from Sweden

"I achieved more on this course with Nicky in 6 weeks than I did the whole of last year ...."

Maria - from USA

"Right after doing this course I had my first $1,000 DAY.......I'm so fired up!" 


Build your business online like a Pro and get your name on the leaderboards!

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